Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, I have closed the studio! But I am not out of business, not yet!

It finally came to that point in time, where folks have stopped getting professional photographs like years past. This is a major mistake in my opinion. We’re going to end up with several generations that will have no idea what they looked like when they were young. Or what their grandparents looked like. History is virtually being rewritten as we sit back and watch.

As time goes by cell phones will get lost, they get dropped in water or worse, stolen. Computer hard drives crash, or a new computer gets purchased and all of the precious images do not get transferred. And those photographs that don’t get transferred or printed, and those photos you thought you were saving to Facebook and on-line sites are gone, forever…

Do you still take portraits and photographs?

Yes, I have quite a few families that I still create family portraits and their children’s portraits. Some I started when the children were babies, I have followed many from birth to graduation and beyond. I work ONLY by appointment and limit my other work to business portraits, a few nursery schools and dance studios, and personal creative work. My personal work and  my commercial clients that I have had for years, I will continue to serve.

Do you have customer service?

Customer service has been the main stay of my business plan from day one. To provide the same level of service I would want to receive as a client.