My Approach

My approach to business has always been to treat every client the way I want to be treated. While this may seem like a rather simple statement, I try to ensure every person I do business with will remember the extra level of service I provide. I go the extra level of service I expect to receive, then try to go one extra step… the unexpected step that helps me stand out from the average photographer.

I earned my Masters of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in 1997, along with my Photographic Craftsman degree. To earn these degree’s requires years of study, and in addition to earn the Masters, I was required to submit images into competition and they must be awarded Blue Ribbons to be counted as part of my credit submission. I’ve had several images selected for the PPA Loan Collection, this is a select group of images that travel around the world on display, representing the professional level of fine image creation, that an individual with a Masters Degree should attain. Have a special project or work that you would like for me to consider? Contact me and let’s discuss your photographic needs.